BSc Physics Notes: Scilab Bsc Physics Honours

Saturday 4 April 2020

Scilab Bsc Physics Honours


Scilab is a free and open source software for engineers & scientists. Numerical analysis or Scientific computing is the study of approximation techniques for numerically solving mathematical problems.

How to install Scilab under Windows

Follow step by step the installation process of Scilab under Windows.

Step 1. Download Scilab

Go to Scilab website, under the Download section and choose your installation package. For windows operating systems the are two versions : 32 and 64-bit. Download the one matching your operating system.  The link is given below (I uses scilab 6.0.2)

Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10

Scilab 6.0.2 - Windows 64 bits, (scilab-6.0.2_x64.exe - 181M) (exe)
Scilab 6.0.2 - Windows 32 bits, (scilab-6.0.2.exe - 172M) (exe)

Step 2: Run *.exe file

Execute the downloaded *.exe   file. Make  sure    that you have administrator  rights on your      operating system. Click on the “Run” button and do the installation process as directed.

Step 3: Setup Finished

Launch the scilab we are ready to use it .

In the syllabus of Bsc Physics Honours we have Scilab Practicals in Different CORE and DSE 

Scilab For Beginners


Download this File 

Below are the list of Scilab Tutorials 

  • User Defined Functions in Scilab 

  • 2-D Plots in Scilab 

  • Subplots in Scilab

  • Basic Matrix Operations 

  • Solving Linear Equations using Scilab 

  • Generating and Plotting Bessel function 


  • Generating and Plotting Legendre Function 

  • Euler's Method Solving Ordinary Differential Equations 

  • Modified Euler's Method for Solving Differential Equations 

  • Runge Kutta Method of 2nd and 4th Order 

  • Gauss Seidel Method to Solve Linear Equations 

  • Gauss Elimination Method 


  • Introduction to XCOS , Generating Wavefront

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